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What is your story?

  • feeling tired and heavy after a time of over-indulgence?
  • emerging from a super stressful period at work?
  • navigating a major life transition?
  • taking care of everyone’s needs but your own?
  • bouncing back from birthing a baby like me?

Whatever your circumstances, if you are feeling any combination of stuck, stressed, tired, off balance, out-of-whack, overworked, overwhelmed or increasingly unhealthy, I invite you to join me for this simple 21-day process to get on the path to feeling better fast.

My Story – I Had Almost Zero Energy or Time To Give. That’s Why I Needed This. That’s Why I Boiled Healthy Habits Down To The Essentials.

I’ve been supporting women to break free from cravings, emotional eating and body negativity for over 7 years now.   Along with my clients, I made much progress in my own healing and wellness journey, establishing many nourishing habits and feeling better than ever.

Then, I had my baby, Jacob! 🙂

Jacob had a tough start and life as I knew it was turned upside down. I completely burned out after 6 months of the stress and work of being a new mom of an infant with health challenges (he is finally doing so well now, thankfully!), doing the minimum life maintenance (house, food, finances), and attempting to keep our coaching business afloat.

I was barely scraping by. I wasn’t sleeping, self-caring or getting any exercising. My digestion was sluggish, I had aches and pains all over my body, and was having a hard time accessing the unconditional self-love I knew I deserved.

I ate emotionally (LOTS of ice cream).  I drank coffee to survive the day.  None of these things are inherently bad.  I didn’t feel guilty, but I didn’t feel good in or about my body either.

Knowing that what I was doing was not only part of the problem (exacerbating the physical and emotional symptoms), but also part of the solution by providing me with pleasure and relief in the moment, I felt stuck in a vicious circle.

When I felt like I was nearing rock bottom, I had a heart-to-heart conversation with myself.

“Richele – Yes, your life is tougher than it’s ever been right now and you are doing an amazing job as a new mama. And, there are small steps that you can take and simple boundaries you can keep RIGHT NOW to start feeling better.”

“How do you want things to go? Keep putting off your wellness until everything is easier? Or, find small ways to feel a little better now? Can you let go of perfectionism and victimhood and do what you can to feel better now?”

Having coached so many other woman going through tough times to powerfully engage with their health and body through small steps, I knew that this was my time to take the coaching for myself!

As a gift to myself (and my family), I created The Essentials: 21 days of gentle nourishment for body, mind & soul.  I came up with the steps and my husband Lucas built out this website and program, so I could invite you and a community of women to join me. Now, when I start to get off track, I return to this simple 21-day process to shift the momentum back towards feeling healthy, vibrant and alive.

If you could use some of that in your life, join me!