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Live Beyond Your Body:
Deep healing through self-love

What will you do with your one wild and precious life?” -Mary Oliver

How much energy do you waste fretting about your body?
We live in a culture that worships the unattainable idea of perfection, and each of our bodies comes into question when compared to the images we are bombarded by in the media. The ego/mind will always find “a not good enough” lurking in the shadows
I’m aging
I’m ugly
I’m sick
I have too much here and not enough there.
To worship the body is to suffer.
To identify with the body is to suffer.
To compare your body to other bodies is to suffer.
Here is the silver lining…
You are not your body.
You are so much more than meets the eye, my friend:
you are the divine incarnate.To identify as merely a body would be to turn a blind eye to the vastness of all that you are. 
Some of us would rather forget we have a body.
“Easier to live from the neck up,” we might say.But to cut ourselves off from this body would be to Miss out on the sweet Nectar of the pleasure, pain and possibility that one can only experience incarnated in human form.

Indeed, we are all living and breathing in a human body that has needs and must be tended to with consistent loving care, just as a delicate flower, in order to thrive.

The body holds inherent wisdom all of her own.
And if you listen closely, she will share with you all of her secrets and deepest yearnings.

This is your invitation…

Turn on all of your senses.
Awaken and open to experiencing it all…
The full spectrum of

Dive to the depth of sorrow
for a world that at times seems so devoid of love
and at the same time embrace it all:
self, other, world
with such utter compassion and
heart-cracking-wide-open love
that is only possible…
In. This. Body.
So go live this life fully, today.
There are no promises or guarantees for what tomorrow will bring.
Do not waste another precious moment fretting over if your thighs looks too big or how that shirt shows off your muffintop.
Embrace ALL that you are:
The darkness and the light
The little girl that just wants to be held, seen and loved for who she is
The all-encompassing divine energy of love and light that is so vast one cannot even find the words to describe her;
Honor it all.
I bow to you: ALL of you!
Knowing that your journey is mine
and mine is yoursWe are one
innately interconnected
walking together in this life and beyond
relishing in the choice to
Be. Here. Now.

While I’ve have many moment of this lifetime not knowing Who I am, or hat my life is for, fretting about my thighs, acne, etc, I feel that I now know what I am here for, and the gifts that I am here to give….

I am here to plumb the depths with you
To facilitate deeply healing experiences
around how we, as women, can heal body shame,

within ourselves, and in our world,
and live in loving partnership with our bodies.
If this resonates with you, and you are longing for more…
I invite you to join me to go deeper:
  • Transcend body shame
  • Heal limiting beliefs (the shoulds, can’ts and not good enoughs)
  • Tap into your body’s inherent wisdom (listen and learn how she wants to be nourished)
  • Re connect with your essence,  who you really are at your core
  • Create your “beyond this body” life legacy:
    If you no longer spend your life force energy on making your body different, what would you focus on instead? What would your life be for?

Simply send me an email to: richele (at) bodylovewithrichele (dot) com to schedule your:

“Live Beyond Your Body”
90-minute Deep Dive private coaching phone session:
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It would be my honor to support you.

In DEEP reverence to your journey,

in prayer