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Welcome, sister! What brings you to the Sugar Detox?
Have you been…

  • Struggling with cravings for sweets, snacks or carbs?
  • Feeling less than comfortable in your body?
  • Tired and moody more often than you’d like?
  • Procrastinating on changing your habits?
  • Putting everyone else’s needs before your own?

Richele head shot spot light 2013Many women can relate, of course, including me.  The Sugar Detox is a solution that is tried and true.  Check it out…

First of all, thank you for considering the Sugar Detox as a possible support structure and community to empower you with food and self-care. I’d like to begin by sharing my own Sugar Detox journey, so you know where I’m coming from.

Back in 2008, I was a major sugar addict (even though I was already a Certified Health Coach and ate plenty of kale and quinoa). I was dealing with…

  • mood swings and painful PMS
  • fatigue and energy crashes
  • bloating and acne breakouts
  • steady and stubborn weight gain 

Fortunately (sort of), I had a health scare that shook me up and illuminated the fact that my body was way off balance.

On my way to work one morning, I fainted on the New York subway due to a major blood sugar crash.   Yikes!

The night before I’d been out for wine and chocolate cake with my best girlfriends. My body had hit a breaking point.

I didn’t want to end up like many of my family members (diabetes is one of our genetic vulnerabilities), so I put myself on a Sugar Detox.

My body responded positively in many ways… because I was eating plenty of real food and balanced meals, I left the table feeling satisfied, but not overstuffed. I stopped experiencing that starving, irritable “hangry” feeling I’d have when my blood sugar was crashing. Plus, my sugar cravings were gone, for the first time in my life!  I had so much energy I started waking up before the alarm and no longer needed to go out and get coffee or a chocolate bar at 3pm to make it through the rest of the day.

Screen shot 2013-12-17 at 5.12.22 PM

DISCLAIMER: Weight loss does happen when we Sugar Detox, but it’s NOT our focus.  Weight loss is a natural side effect of what is our focus: consistently making choices that make you feel better and support your health.  By posting these pictures, I don’t mean to suggest that I LOOK better in my post-Sugar Detox body (or that women should aspire to lose weight or even change our bodies in any way). I hope the pictures convey that I felt so much better in every way. And, it’s the feeling better that actually translates to looking better.  All women have unique bodies that are inherently beautiful and worthy of love.  All bodies and body types are welcome and honored in our community.  My invitation to you is that you love your beautiful body with foods and self-care practices that make you feel amazing.

By Sugar Detoxing each season, I have felt amazing in my body and loved the delicious and energizing foods I eat. No more deprivation diets or food struggles. And as a happy side benefit…My body shed the extra weight I’d been carrying around.

Our Bodies Are Always Changing

Richele and Jacob first week of lifeThen, in 2014, I grew and birthed my son Jacob Alexander and then began breastfeeding.  

Wow! So many body changes!

While I know I’ll never have my exact pre-baby body back, I will continue to love and honor my body no matter how she looks or feels.  And with the delicious practice of a seasonal Sugar Detox, I know that feeling good again is possible.

So, that’s my Sugar Detox story, and I’m sticking to it! : -)

What About You & Your Body?

Every woman is different, with a unique body and living in a unique chapter of her life…So, what about you?

  • What’s up with your body and your relationship to food?
  • What are you wanting to feel and experience in your body that brings you to the Sugar Detox community?  

No matter where you are in life or what shape your body is in… the Sugar Detox is an opportunity for you to “push pause,” so you can reset your food and self-care habits.

You can expect to feel more energy, mental clarity and emotional balance, along with freedom from belly bloating and food cravings.  

My wish for you is that you feel amazing in your beautiful body and totally love your life.  It all begins with what you eat and how you care for yourself, so thank you for considering joining me and the Sugar Detox community for the next 28-Day Jumpstart.

In Love and Service,

Richele tree

Richele Henry, CHC
The Sugar Mama 
& Body Love Coach


P.S. If you like what you hear, but you are thinking, “Well, good for her, but I don’t think this will work for me.” OR “I don’t think I could give up sugar and bread,” trust me, I’ve been there!  

I’ve led 800 women through the Sugar Detox and personally participated in every Sugar Detox I’ve run since 2008, and the results have been amazing.  This process works and any woman can do it.  If a hopeless sugar addict like me can do this, so can you!

*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *

A Very Simple 4-Week Flow…
How Delicious Will You Let Your Life Be?

Week 1: Gentle On-Ramp – Get Started

  1. Nourish: gently wean off processed foods, gluten and dairy.
  2. Move: begin 28 days of simple, joyful movement practice.
  3. Self-Care: plan all the ways you will pamper yourself this month.

Week 2: Rock Your Detox –  Days 1-7

  1. Nourish: eat clean & enjoy how delicious and satisfying food can be
  2. Move: your body thrives with movement and you’re feeling good!
  3. Self-Care: massage? pedicure? bubble bath? what will renew you?

Week 3: Rock Your Detox –  Days 8-14

  1. Nourish: you’re cruising on detox and your body is responding!
  2. Move: find your groove with movement
  3. Self-Care: acupuncture? sauna? movie night? what’s your desire?

Week 4: Gentle Off-Ramp – What’s Next?

  1. Nourish: transition from Detox with a custom commitment
  2. Move: complete 28 days of joyful movement with momentum
  3. Self-Care: hot tub? hikes? a good book? what’s your pleasure?

About Life-Time Access

The Detox is not a diet.  It’s an experiment to learn what works for you and it’s a seasonal “reset.”  I recommend you plan to do a detox 2-4 times per year.  Each time, you’ll pick up new healthy habits and shed some habits that no longer serve you.  With Lifetime Access, you’ll have access to all the detox support tools and our private Facebook community for as long as they exist.  And, if and when I offer another live community detox in the future, I’ll invite you to join me and the community.  

Ellen Levy Cleanse testimonial

“I Feel Much Better!”

“This was perfect. I feel much better cutting out the sweets, and even more importantly, I am confident that I can maintain this. Everything was delicious.  You were so supportive and being part of a community really helped. You are an inspiration. Keep doing what you’re doing. : )”

– Ellen Levy

“Kicked My Caffeine & Sugar!”

“I’ve kicked my caffeine & sugar addiction, renewed my passion for healthy meals, and re-centered to live my life to the fullest! Thank you! :)”

– Tara B.

“Lost Weight & Anxiety Gone!”

“I feel fantastic. I’m getting more restful sleep, I lost weight and I don’t feel anxious anymore.  I’m continuing this way of eating since I don’t have the cravings like I thought I would.  Thank you!”

– Lesley S.

*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *

The 4 Keys For Detox Success

Key #1: Eat Delicious Real Food

The 14-Day Detox

woman sipping soupIn Week #1, you’ll gently wean off the foods and beverages that drain energy and make us gain weight. In Weeks #2 and #3, you’ll enjoy the full power of the 14-Day Detox.  Don’t worry! I’ve led over 750 women through this.  Any woman can detox.  

You’ll eat plenty of real food (as much as your body needs), so you’ll never be hungry. This is not low fat, low carb or low calorie.  This is a whole foods detox with an emphasis on veggies, protein and healthy fats. You get to Eat Real Food, that’s delicious and satisfying, AND your body will reward you with feeling amazing, light and balanced.

What Can I Eat On This Detox?  

* Veggies & Fruits
* Whole Grains & Beans
* Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, Coconut
* Seafood, Eggs, Pastured Meats
* Raw Chocolate And More!

What Won’t I Eat On This Detox?

* Sugar & Sweeteners
* Flour Foods & Dairy
* Alcohol & Caffeine
* Soy, Corn & Gluten
* All Processed Foods

I provide tips for customizing your plan to maximize your results. Expect more energy, balanced moods, disappearing cravings and weight loss (if you have fat to burn).  Many participants have experienced an alleviation and improvement in symptoms such as anxiety, digestive issues, headaches, seasonal allergies, PMS and more.

Time-Saving Tools

I provide optional, sample meal plans with shopping lists.  These can save you time and introduce you to new, delicious ingredients and recipes.  You’ll also enjoy my Sugar Detox Basics recipe book, with many of my favorite detox-friendly recipes I’ve collected over the years.

Support and Solutions

You might be traveling, eating at restaurants or going to parties during your detox.  No problem! You won’t have to hide out or avoid social engagements during the Detox. I’ll help you confidently enjoy your life and your relationships while you nourish, nurture and love your body!

Key #2: Joyful Movement

richele flying in boulder 500 wide

Can You Handle 15 Minutes Per Day?

No need to spend hours at the gym to look and feel amazing. In the Sugar Detox, I recommend you “lower the bar” and simply take on a commitment of 15 minutes of joyful movement per day.   If you’re already moving your body daily, that’s great! If not, it’s time to put a little oil in those joints and set your sexy body in motion.  

Do You Enjoy Your Exercise?

One more thing! If you roll with me and my community of Sugar Mamas, you’ll be expected to choose forms of movement that you actually LOVE.  No more painful or stressful workouts.  Guilt and punishment doesn’t work with food and it doesn’t work with fitness either.  The real key to lifestyle change is making health as pleasurable as possible!

Key #3: Juicy Self Care

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.26.26 AM

Did I mention pleasure???  It’s a big, big, BIG key to your success.  One of my secrets to sugar-free living is that I give myself permission to enjoy my life to the fullest. I pamper myself, in both luxurious and simple ways. Exploring what I enjoy and what’s pleasurable for me has been my #1 most important key for living the sweet life, sugar-free.  

During your Sugar Detox, you’ll be invited to create your own customized “Nourishment Menu” and to regularly gift yourself fun, pleasurable, relaxing self-care. If we are not meeting our needs in creative, loving ways, we will almost always go to food to fill void. Juicy Self-Care is not a suggestion, it’s a requirement. 🙂

Key #4: Community

Screen shot 2013-09-04 at 12.22.38 AM

I did my Sugar Detox alone, but I don’t recommend that path.  I had to learn all sorts of things about preparing foods, dealing with cravings, navigating social situations, traveling while detoxing… all on my own. 

In the 28-Day Jumpstart, you’ll be guided by me (informed by many years of leading hundreds of women through this process) and supported by a community of incredible women who can relate to your challenges and your goals.  We are stronger together. Plus, It’s more fun this way!

Results You Can Expect:410029_thumbnail

  • Boost Energy + Balance Moods
  • Burn Fat (4-7 Pounds Is Common)
  • Improve Digestion & Sleep 
  • Gain Control Over Cravings
  • Confidence Prepping New Recipes
  • Transition Powerfully (Sustain Habits & Results)




*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *

Don’t just take my word for it!

Over 800 detox graduates got results! Read what past participants have to say about their experiences.

Read what past participants have to say about their experiences.

jennifer conners sugar detox testimonial red winter

“No More 3 PM Slump & Fewer Breakouts!”

“After joining the workforce, my energy was drained and my waistline expanded from work stress and a few too many lunches out. I wanted to jump start my metabolism and the Sugar Detox was the perfect place to begin.

The Sugar Detox increased my energy (no more 3pm slump) and I learned a LOT about how food impacts my daily life. A hidden benefit of the cleanse: my skin cleared up and I have fewer breakouts!”

Jennifer C., Professional

angie sugar detox testimonial 400 tall

“Lost Weight & Feel Balanced”

“The  Sugar Detox helped me to get back to “normal” again.  I have been working to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a couple of years. The Detox was a great refresh to my whole system.

I lost weight and I feel much more balanced. I loved the new recipes and shopping lists (LOVE coconut milk!) and had fun being a part of the community.  Very helpful!

I had a great experience with Richele.  I have much respect and gratitude for your knowledge, level of professionalism, attention, and coaching support!”

Angie G., Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist

kelli sugar detox testsimonial 300 wide

“Lost 8.5 Pounds & Gained Control!”

“I finally have control over my eating habits. I lost 8.5 pounds of weight without really knowing it was happening. What a happy surprise! 🙂  Thanks to the Sugar Detox, I feel the best I’ve felt in years.”

Kelli J., Legal Professional

kristin marcantonio sugar detox testimonial 300 wide

“No More Bloat & Fatigue!”

“Since having kids, my eating habits have left me drained, bloated, with bad skin, and feeling, well… phlegmy. As a busy mom of two, a fitness professional and a nurse, I need energy!

The Sugar Detox was powerful and positive for me. I am cooking again and ate the most delicious foods – many new to me. Food is no longer a burden or confrontation. What an amazing feeling.

I have sustained energy that lasts all day long. Losing some weight was a welcome surprise.

My husband joined me and we are both believers now: ‘Food is medicine.’ We have new habits that will help keep us and our kids healthy.  Thank you for such a transformative journey!”

– Kristin M., MS, RN, ACSM CPT

“Workouts Never Been Better!”

jamie l sugar detox testimonial

“My goal in doing the detox was to jump-start a healthy eating plan.  I’ve been good about the physical activity side of things, but knew I really needed to work on my nutrition.  And the detox was the perfect way to accomplish my goal!

I was surprised by how easy it was to eat healthy for a whole week. My workouts have never been better, and a number of co-workers commented on how vibrant I seemed that week. I loved getting to try new foods and exchange recipe ideas with the other participants; it made eating healthfully seem like a life change that I could do too! Thanks so much, Richele, for showing me how to enjoy healthy food!”

Jamie L., Analyst

“I Had A Huge Realization… Now, I’m Shedding Weight.”


Before the Sugar Detox, I had already eliminated all processed foods and had begun to eat gluten free and dairy free. However, I knew I needed to make more changes – I still wasn’t feeling my best and my weight loss had stalled.

During the Sugar Detox, I had a huge realization about the amount of carbs in the food I was consuming, even food from at health food stores. After reducing sugars, I felt more energized and my body felt less inflamed. I started shedding weight again with ease. Now, I continue to gain knowledge about the ingredients in my food. I am making so many sauces, condiments, and nut milks at home that I used to buy already prepared. I have also continued my daily smoothie habit that I started during the detox.

I highly recommend the sugar detox for women looking for help and support on their journey to a healthier body. The support from the coaches and the entire group of sugar mamas is amazing, and the knowledge and recipes gained during the detox are invaluable.

– K.S.

jae patton testimonial picture 400 wide

“No More 3 pm Snack or Late-Night Junk”

“I signed up for the Sugar Detox to get back “on track.”

I’ve had good eating habits in the past, but had fallen into the night time snacking and 3 pm junk food grazing that make me feel tired and sluggish AND gain weight pretty quickly.

The cleanse helped me reset my habits. I loved the support to be planning ahead and preparing satisfying, whole foods and leafy greens. I’m not standing in front of the fridge at 10 pm “starving” any more!

I have a steady, clear energy that gets me through the 3 pm “danger hour” without the slump that sends me to the vending machine.

Richele was wonderful with her creative recipes and non-judgmental support.  I’m going to do the Sugar Detox next season and convince my sister-in-law to do it with me!”

– Jae P., Mom and Busy Professional 

*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *

What’s Included In The Detox?
Everything You Need To Be Successful!

  • Guidebook with step-by-step instructions for the food, self-care, and movement components
  • Ongoing support/community in our private Facebook Group
  • Sample detox meals plans with recipes and shopping lists
  • My “Sugar Detox Favorites” downloadable recipe packet
  • Lifetime access to the Sugar Detox (self-study materials & group)    

*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *

Zero Risk – Money Back Guarantee
If you aren’t absolutely thrilled with the plan and the support I am offering, just let me know within 7 days of signing up. Shoot me an email with “Refund Please” in the subject and I’ll refund your investment, no questions asked.

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Yes! I’m ready to reset my habits to feel better fast.  I’m clear this is not a diet nor a weight loss program; that it’s an experiment to discover more about what works best for my unique body (while taking amazing care of myself).  

I understand I’ll be supported by Richele and the SD community for 4 weeks in a private Facebook group and I’ll receive a detailed Guidebook, sample meal plans, recipes and shopping lists. 

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*  My Story  *  Timeline  *  The 4 Keys  *  Benefits  *  Success Stories  *  What’s Included  *  Guarantee  *