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1-on-1 Coaching Clients


“I lost 18 pounds as a side benefit.”


I was having digestive issues for a long time. I knew what foods I should avoid but struggled to be consistent with my choices.

I had been cooking for myself for a very long time and was in a food rut. I started to watch my portion sizes and started to lose some weight prior to our program. This was one of my main health goals.

After attending a Raw Chocolate Class, I knew that working with Richele was going to be a fun and helpful way to get on a good track to better nutrition with new ways of looking at food and better health.

Since working with Richele, I have learned to use new greens, grains, healthy oils and seasonings. I am now a smoothie lover; I’d never had one before. Introducing new foods to my diet has made cooking fun again. I am very happy to say that I havelost 18 lbs (as a side benefit) and it has not been difficult.

I received wonderful, enthusiastic support in all aspects of our sessions. Richele helped me to define my goals and made it fun to reach them and incorporate these new tools into my everyday life and mindset.

From working with Richele, I felt empowered to easily change the habits that were not enhancing my health and well-being. I’m feeling so much better all over. This was one of the best health journeys I have given myself.”

– Helen Baylin, Office Coordinator at the Ruscombe Mansion of Baltimore


“I no longer feel guilty about it.”

blog sabrina

“I had a sense that I could feel better and function better, but didn’t have any idea how to go about achieving it. I didn’t know where to start. With Richele’s support, I cultivated the self-knowledge needed to determine what works for me. Taking care of myself is now second nature and I no longer feel guilty about it.”

– Sabrina Raymond, Photographer



 “I constantly fought hunger and energy dips.”

blog kate

“I exercised a lot and thought I knew how to eat healthy, but I constantly fought hunger and energy dips.

Since working with Richele, my energy levels are up and stable throughout the entire day. Day to day, I feel more calm and satisfied in my life. I incorporate more activities that nourish other aspects of me, like yoga and meditation. I realized how powerful I am and that I make my life! Sometimes I feel downright dangerous – dangerous in how much positive I can bring into my life. Richele was my guide to this realization.”

– Kate Revelle, Actress, NY, NY



“It IS possible to change.”

BL ginger galvez

“Before working with Richele, I was juggling too many competing responsibilities and eating in unhealthy ways to counter the stress that brought. My life felt severely out of balance, which was exhausting.

Since working with Richele, I have begun to reflect on my lifestyle and how it is possible to change. I’ve tried some delicious new recipes and tasted new foods, which has been so much fun. And, I’ve become optimistic about my options for rebalancing my life and feeling better.

The greatest benefit I received from my time working with Richele was her quiet, joyful presence. It was so healing to have time with a person who listens so deeply. That has encouraged me to slow down, take a deep breath and think about my life and what I want it to be.

– Ginger Galvez, Corporate Communications Professional


“Freed myself of 20 extra lbs. and cravings!”

BL b gilbert

“I am so grateful for Richele’s support in facilitating a giant shift in my health.

Richele was able to hold my health goal for me when I wasn’t able to do it for myself. She would be the gentle and sometimes ferocious reminder of what I wanted.

With her help, I was able to free myself from weight (20 lbs!!!) and many cravings, including sugar. I feel empowered, energetic, and have greater freedom in my food choices.”

– B. Gilbert, Licensed Massage Therapist, Baltimore, MD


“I feel SO much better. I feel and see results.”

BL ashleigh hairston

“Working in the restaurant business where pizzas, mini-burgers, and french fries are right at my fingertips, I knew it was going to be tough. BUT, I felt so amazing after the Sugar Detox, I was ready to buckle down and get focused on eating and feeling healthy for the Fall!”

– Ashleigh Hairston, Actress, Washington, D.C.




“Empowered and free.”

BL suzanne boothby

This was an amazing experience and great for anyone who is curious about how they would feel to get off processed foods. I felt incredibly empowered and free to nourish my body.”

– Suzanne Boothby, Brooklyn, NY, Health Author and Writing Coach



“No more cereal for dinner or guilt for dessert.”

Nancy Amato

“Before I met Richele I ate cold cereal in front of the TV for dinner. I live alone and have a busy career. I just felt like the effort to cook for myself was not “worth it”.

Since working with Richele. I have developed a “rhythm” of preparing and eating whole, nourishing foods. My cravings are infrequent and not as strong, I am more comfortable in my clothes and my self-confidence has improved. I love myself more and I no longer feel guilty for taking care of me!

This has been a transformation in my overall wellbeing. Working with Richele is definitely one of the best things I’ve ever done for myself, and I’m sure I’ll reap the benefits of our work together for the rest of my life.”

– Nancy Amato, Nurse Practitioner


“More consistent than ever.”

BL katie wetherbee

“I struggled with making healthy food choices due to my lack of time to prepare and cook food.

I still don’t have much time, but Richele has immensely helped me make small steps to prepare and plan in advance so that I can feed my family well.

I learned so much about how foods effect my body and what food choices I need to make to feel and perform my best on a daily basis.”

– Katie Wetherbee, Personal Trainer, Running Coach + New Mom

Sugar Detox Clients


“I don’t want to stop!”

Smith College2010 SSSWPortraits and Classroom shots

I didn’t think I’d survive the Sugar Detox. Now I don’t want to stop eating this way!

I got so much more than I had imagined. I have a new sense of awareness about my body. Richele’s support was critical and so inspiring. She was very clear and direct, yet warm and understanding of my needs throughout the program.”

– Kim, Grad Student, Los Angeles, CA



“People tell me my skin looks great.”

testimonial clare

After completing a 7-Day Sugar Detox, I was looking to take it to the next level. Could I do a 28 day detox?? Yes indeed! I was so pleased with the weight loss and the 28 days was not nearly as challenging as I anticipated. And people tell me that my skin looks great! I’ve learned to explore different foods that would have once been under the “no way” category for me.

As a single person, I typically would not put the time and energy into cooking well for me. Now I’m experiencing the real fun of cooking again. One of the most valuable take-aways for me is that I’ve learned to really listen to my body and how it reacts to certain foods. It’s been a tremendous learning experience.Thanks Richele!!!

– Clare Gorman


“No more 3 PM slump and fewer breakouts!”

testimonial jennifer

“After joining the workforce, my energy was drained and my waistline expanded from work stress and a few too many lunches out. I wanted to jump start my metabolism and the Sugar Detox was the perfect place to begin.

The Sugar Detox increased my energy (no more 3pm slump) and I learned a LOT about how food impacts my daily life. A hidden benefit of the cleanse: my skin cleared up and I have fewer breakouts!”

– Jennifer C., Professional


“Lost weight and feel balanced.”

testimonial angie

“The  Sugar Detox helped me to get back to “normal” again.  I have been working to make dietary and lifestyle changes for a couple of years. The Detox was a great refresh to my whole system.

I lost weight and I feel much more balanced. I loved the new recipes and shopping lists (LOVE coconut milk!) and had fun being a part of the community.  Very helpful!

I had a great experience with Richele.  I have much respect and gratitude for your knowledge, level of professionalism, attention, and coaching support!”

– Angie Gentile, Owner of Respite, Yoga Teacher & Massage Therapist


“Gained control and lost 8.5 pounds.”

testimonial kelli

I finally have control over my eating habits. I lost 8.5 pounds of weight without really knowing it was happening. What a happy surprise! 🙂  Thanks to the Sugar Detox, I feel the best I’ve felt in years.”

 Kelli Johnson, Legal Professional


“No more bloat and fatigue!”

testimonial kristin

“Since having kids, my eating habits have left me drained, bloated, with bad skin, and feeling, well…phlegmy. As a busy mom of two, a fitness professional and a nurse, I need energy!

The Sugar Detox was powerful and positive for me. I am cooking again and ate the most delicious foods – many new to me. Food is no longer a burden or confrontation. What an amazing feeling.

I have sustained energy that lasts all day long. Losing some weight was a welcome surprise.

My husband joined me and we are both believers now: ‘Food is medicine.’ We have new habits that will help keep us and our kids healthy.  Thank you for such a transformative journey!

– Kristin Marcantonio MS, RN, ACSM CPT


“Workouts have never been better!”

testimonial jamie

“My goal in doing the detox was to jump-start a healthy eating plan. I’ve been good about the physical activity side of things, but knew I really needed to work on my nutrition.  And the detox was the perfect way to accomplish my goal!

I was surprised by how easy it was to eat healthy for a whole week. My workouts have never been better, and a number of co-workers commented on how vibrant I seemed that week. I loved getting to try new foods and exchange recipe ideas with the other participants; it made eating healthfully seem like a life change that I could do too! Thanks so much, Richele, for showing me how to enjoy healthy food!”

– Jamie L., Analyst


Body Love Clients


“Well worth the investment.”

Andrea Delmonico

I used to have energy crashes in the mid-afternoons and now I motor through my day without the slightest dip. I was shocked to discover how much I love the foods I could eat. Well worth the investment. Thank you, Richele!”

– Andrea, Occupational Therapist, NY, NY





“During ‘Body Love’ I went a full month free from headaches.”

testimonial janet marquadt

I knew that sugar was not “good for me”, but I had no idea how strongly it related to my moods until I eliminated it. During “Body Love” I gave myself a break from sugar and not only felt more “even” emotionally, but also went a full month free from headaches. Thank you Richele for giving me the tools to help me realize a healthier body and greater sense of well being!

– Janet Marquadt


“I lost 5 pounds and connected with a powerful group of women.”

testimonial annie wagoner

Before Body Love, I felt like such a hypocrite. As a mom, health coach & yoga teacher, I was constantly sharing my passion for holistic health, movement & deep nourishment with others, however, continued to feel trapped in my own emotional eating cycles & sugar addiction. Not only did I beat myself up inside, I also felt tired, more irritable & less motivated. Richele helped me discover true liberation, radiance & energy; I feel clearer & more vibrant/confident!

A few extra bonuses: I lost 5 pounds, connected with an incredible & powerful group of women, attracted more yoga students to my teaching & 2 more clients in the time that I was doing the detox. I am enormously grateful for Richele! Her deep wisdom, knowledge, compassion & LOVE for life are powerful, inspiring & contagious!

-Annie Wagoner


“No more 3 PM snack or late-night junk.”

BL jae patton

“I signed up for the Sugar Detox to get back “on track.”

I’ve had good eating habits in the past, but had fallen into the night time snacking and 3 pm junk food grazing that make me feel tired and sluggish AND gain weight pretty quickly.

The cleanse helped me reset my habits. I loved the support to be planning ahead and preparing satisfying, whole foods and leafy greens. I’m not standing in front of the fridge at 10 pm “starving” any more!

I have a steady, clear energy that gets me through the 3 pm “danger hour” without the slump that sends me to the vending machine.

Richele was wonderful with her creative recipes and non-judgmental support. I’m going to do the Sugar Detox next season and convince my sister-in-law to do it with me!”

– Jae Patton, Mom and Busy Professional 


“My body has rewarded me with energy, lightness, and joy.”

testimonial kristen muller

I was going through life in a haze! What I thought was healthy was really abusing my body. Through Body Love, I now cherish and honor my body, and treat it with respect. My body has rewarded me with energy, lightness, and joy.

– Kristen Muller



“The community of women helped me to feel so validated and supported…”

testimonial tricia

Richele, working with you is amazing! I have grown tremendously as a woman and as a person as a whole since working with you. Body Love has given me a tremendous amount of momentum and self-confidence. I jump started my self-care and appreciate who I am in the moment. The community of women helped me to feel so validated and supported that nothing ever felt impossible.

– Tricia



“I released the weight I was so worried about.”

testimonial elaina

I just couldn’t seem to “lose” those last few frustrating pounds. Body Love opened me up to a whole new world of health and life that I truly never knew existed. Along the way, I did release the weight that I was so worried about – but even better, the new tools that I have learned have opened up a healthier way of life for me and my family.

-Elaina Narvaez



“In 8 weeks, I released 15 pounds and I feel happy with my body.”

testimonial shelly

Before, I felt that I had no control over food, that food controlled me. I woke up tired and rushed, sleeping until the very last moment because I never felt rested, pumping myself full of caffeine to wake up in the morning and keep energy up throughout the day. I felt fat and unhappy in my body, unable to resist sweets and guilty for indulging in such foods.

In 8 weeks with Richele, I released 15lbs and I feel happy with my body. And I know that, even though I may have more to go, I am exactly where I need to be. I am confident in my self-control, certain that I can keep my word to myself, and free of guilt because the choices I make in my diet are conscious choices that I control. I have developed a daily morning practice that has CHANGED MY LIFE – I no longer rush through the morning, but spend extra time taking care of myself. I never thought I’d be able to wake up extra early, but have found that now I can’t live without the peacefulness, self-care, and energy throughout the day that the morning practice has given me. I no longer need caffeine to feel awake.

I’ve even had impacts I never expected – improved relationships and communication, a clearer understanding of what I want from this life, and more satisfaction!! Richele’s guidance and willingness to share her own personal experiences are priceless – I can’t believe how much I have learned and gained from sharing this experience with her and the other fabulous women in the Body Love program!!

– Shelly Work


“I have left the diet mentality. I eat healthy food and I feel so much lighter.”

testimonial kathy

Through Body Love, I deepened my understanding about how my cravings are triggered, grew in my mindfulness related to them and therefore would not beat myself up for submitting to them every so often. As a result, I have left the diet mentality. I eat healthy food, feel so much lighter, and savor healthy food. My cravings for sweets and carbs are less, they are still not gone. Richele built in great weekly coaching calls, gave us menus and shopping lists, and provided online support for each and all of us. The motivated participants supported each other too. This course was transformational for my relationship with food. As a result, I have hope that my relationship with food is becoming healthier one week at a time.

– Kathy Shulman

Corporate Clients

Voted One Of Maryland’s Healthiest Employers!

“We loved working with Lucas and Richele through 2012! From 7-day detoxes to cooking demos and onsite seminars about how to have more energy, we have benefited from their knowledge and passion. We even found a new, local healthy catering company that we now use ourselves and with our clients as a result of their recommendation! In particular, Baltimore Health Coach’s 7-day detox opened a lot of our employees’ eyes to the effects food has on them and even got more people into the kitchen preparing their own healthy meals!”

Silberstein Insurance Group


Workshop Participants Said…

“Luke is a great speaker. He’s sincere, funny, down-to-earth, authentic, energetic, personable and smart. He inspires confidence in attaining any goal.”
– Elizabeth Hudson, legal team, Agora Inc.

“Interactive, eye-opening and motivating experience.”
– Participant, E-Commerce Marketing, International Living

“They put nutrition in a real and doable context. I am ready to make changes.”
– Paul Tuccinardi, webmaster, Agora Financial

“I enjoyed it very much. I think their approach will help me greatly improve my eating habits.”
– Gricel Salazar, professor and artist, Maryland Institute College of Art