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Client Love

“Oh. My. Gosh!!  Richele Henry is phenomenal! I have just finished my first coaching call and have received so much clarity around why I was feeling the way I did.  Richele has helped me release and transform feelings and limiting beliefs.  I feel almost invincible now (gotta have something to work on next time!) and I know I am safe, my energy is protected and I'm stepping into my truth.  Thank you so much Richele!!"


- Michele B.

“Richele, always gives me just what I need to succeed. She truly cares and truly desires to help me. I'm beyond blessed to have her in my life. Stellar coach!”


- Julie P.

“I spent a lifetime hating my body, when in retrospect, looking back at pictures,

my mental image did not align with reality. I looked fine.


At some point I realized I did not want to be my mother, who at 86 was still asking,

“Do I look fat?”


Working with Richele made me realize I had never really loved myself.


She took me back to one specific childhood incident that I thought I’d previously worked through, but hadn’t. She helped me through the pain; still raises emotion to think of the amazing realizations that came out of it. Was

extremely painful but so worth working through.


The process of healing, which to me means fully loving and embracing myself, is a lifelong journey. Of course I slip back into old, negative thought patterns, but with Richele’s help, I recognize them, and arrest them.


My default is slowly but steadily becoming “joy,” which to me is the deep, intrinsic belief that fundamentally, everything is ok.


Happiness is situational.

Joy is inherent.


I am developing the ability to feel at peace, and serene, despite any external circumstances.


I would not have ever achieved the physical and mental freedom I have today had I not worked with Richele.


Physical: freedom from food and body obsession.


Mental: freedom from anxiety, shame and guilt.


Richele has enabled me to be able to love myself, and given me the tools to keep improving.


Life is inexplicably so. much. better.”

-Mimi W.

“Richele is fab! She consistently pulls stuff out of me that I didn’t realize was there and then helps put me back together again. I’m so blessed to work with her!”


- Becca

“Richele held amazing space and listened so deeply that it was as if she was in my head! Going into the session I was feeling stuck but not sure why and after the session I had so much clarity and felt lighter. Richele is a beautifully talented coach. The session was extremely powerful & valuable for me. Thank you!”

- Jennifer

“Richele invited me to look at how far I had come since starting our journey together in March.   Back then, I felt very vulnerable, and did not want to be “seen” on social media platforms – in fact I made a pretty solid job of resisting all of Richele’s suggestions about using social media for several months. 


But gradually, with lots of inner work and coaching, my mindset began to change, and my progress has actually been monumental.  In March, I would never have imagined that within the next 7 months I would do a live “coming out” video on my personal Facebook page (where only a couple of friends knew I had a bipolar diagnosis) telling my story, the challenges I have faced in the last 4 years, and how I have turned my life around.


I have my first 1:1 coaching client, owning my mission, feeling called to help others who have a diagnosis of bipolar disorder learn to manage their emotions, break free from the stigma associated with this illness and start living the lives they came here to live with gratitude, balance and joy. 



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