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What is Trauma? What is Somatic Experiencing™?

Trauma isn’t what happened to us, but what happened inside us as a result of an event.

It’s about how the body experienced and responded to what happened.

“Trauma originates in the nervous system, not in the event.”

- Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing™

Trauma isn’t only caused by violence, accidents, natural disasters, war, death, etc.

Trauma can also look like:

Too much

Too soon


Not enough

For too long

Any experience that your body is unable to process, that gets stored and stuck there, can lead to PTSD.

Stress > Traumatic Stress > Post-Traumatic Stress > PTSD or cPTSD

We can also experience secondary trauma by being a witness to a traumatic event.

Unresolved trauma can have a significant impact on our mental health and emotional well-being. It can prevent us from feeling fully safe in our bodies in the present.

But there is hope. Healing is possible.

Not from the mind, instead through the body.

Somatic Experiencing™, a body-based trauma healing modality, is a slow, gradual and gentle practice that supports us to renegotiate the traumatic imprinting and patterns that remain stored in our cells.

SE™ expands our capacity to hold our felt sense with compassion and allows the nervous system to become more flexible in our responses When our nervous system is not locked into a fight, flight or freeze survival response pattern, it widens our window of tolerance. We are better able to deal with whatever stressors come our way and become more resilient in times of heightened stress.

Could you benefit from a body-based approach on your healing journey?

If so, let’s connect and explore if we are a good fit for working together in this season of your life. I would be honored to support you.

I am currently offering sliding scale sessions for Somatic Experiencing™ sessions. If you are ready, you can book your session here

For continued reading, published research articles and a deeper understanding how how unresolved trauma impacts every area of our lives, go to Somatic Experiencing™ International:

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