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What is Trauma-Informed Coaching?

Unresolved trauma can have a significant impact on our emotional and physical well-being. It can prevent us from feeling fully safe in our bodies in the present.

Trauma isn’t what happened to us, but what happened inside us as a result of the event.  

It’s about how the body experienced and responded to what happened.

Trauma originates in the nervous system, not in the event.”
- Peter Levine, Somatic Experiencing™

Trauma can also look like:

Too much
Too soon


Not enough
For too long

Stress, left unchecked

becomes >>>

Traumatic Stress.

Traumatic Stress, left unchecked becomes >>>
Post Traumatic Stress.

Post Traumatic Stress, left unchecked

becomes >>>

In our post-pandemic world, traumatic stress is a reality of daily life.

This is true even more so for marginalized groups of people who have generational trauma in their cellular data (war, enslavement, genocide), and trauma from experiencing racism, oppression, abuse and lack of trauma-informed care in this lifetime.

But there is hope. Healing is possible.
And we must be committed to doing the work, both individually and collectively, to make it be so.

One of the main foundations of my work with clients is integrating Somatic Experiencing™, is a body-based trauma healing modality, into every coaching session.

SE™ is a slow, gradual and gentle practice that supports us to renegotiate the traumatic imprinting and patterns that remain stored in the body.

SE™ expands our capacity to hold our felt sense with compassion and allows the nervous system to become more flexible in our responses.

SE™ makes it possible for us to feel more safe in our own body, and be able to co-regulate with other bodies, especially bodies that do not resemble our own.

I need you to know that I come by this work honestly.

After a traumatic birth experience with my first child, I struggled with Post-Partum PTSD and anxiety. I came to learn that most people do not experience PTSD unless they have a history of trauma. This single significant event in my life, giving birth to a son who has ongoing medical needs and disabilities, led me to unpack so many other traumatic events that I didn't even realize were having an impact on me in the present.

Over the past 8 years, I have done SO much deep work to heal, and I have had the tremendous honor to be a trusted and safe space for so many others who are on their own healing journey.

Could you benefit from an embodied and trauma-informed approach to coping with stress?

If you are ready to dive in, please go to my booking page and book your 90-minute 

Trauma-Informed Transformational Coaching Introductory Session.

It would be a tremendous honor to support you on your healing journey.

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