Thank you for visiting my site.  I am eager to connect with you.

Maybe you are struggling with emotional eating, negative body image, a lack of self-care and confusion about how to get yourself unstuck?

Maybe you take pretty good care of yourself, and you’d LOVE to expand your experience of inner peace, body love, and vibrant wellness?

I coach and create programs for women like you and me. I’ve coached over 1,000 women 1-in-1 and in groups over the last 9 years.

I come by this profession honestly.  As a dancer growing up, I hated my body.  I used diets to try to change my body.  I used food and sweets to soothe my tumultuous emotions.

By age 27, I had major health scare when I passed out in the middle of the New york subway due to low blood sugar.  My hormones were out of whack; my moods all over the place; my cravings out of control.  I felt uncomfortable in my body and my own skin.  I battled skin issues that I felt were crippling my quality of life.  My health, my relationships and my happiness were all in a downward spiral.

That’s when I put myself on a Sugar Detox.  It started as a one week experiment and I felt so good I continued for a second week, then a 3rd and 4th week.  I lost 20 pounds, and more importantly, felt so much better.

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I got off the crazy sugar roller-coaster and committed to exploring ways to nourish myself with delicious healthy whole foods and lots of juicy self-care.  The benefits have been tremendous!

I began leading Sugar Detoxes every season for the women in my life and the women I was meeting out at health clubs and yoga studios.  After 9 years of leading the Sugar Detox, I’ve worked with over 800 women in the program, many of whom continue to come back for the seasonal detox that I also participate in.

Here’s the kicker though…

…even when I was eating clean, feeling more energized, and fitting in my skinny jeans, I still spent a lot of time unhappy and dissatisfied.

I came to realize that, to truly be happy, we must start with the belief that we are perfect just the way we are.  None of our blessings matter without LOVE.

There is nothing to change or fix.  There is no better body, better bank account, better partner, better stuff.  Chasing all of that will only make us miserable.  Even when we have successes, we are left dissatisfied.

BWHenry 20Unconditional LOVE is an easy concept to understand intellectually, and it’s much harder to genuinely live each day. Especially, as we get older and our bodies change and change and change!

As I write this, I am now 36 years old and my body is forever altered after growing, birthing and nursing my first child.  My body love journey continues…

And as I continue on my personal journey, I continue to be blessed by the opportunity to contribute to many other beautiful and powerful women.  Along the way, I continue to integrate all the practices and principles that empower me to live in peace, love and health… even though life can be crazy and throw us all kinds of curve balls along the way… even as we face the inevitable process of aging.

I am standing for your freedom.

No matter your age, body shape, level of health or fitness… I am standing for you.

You deserve to feel healthy, sexy, confident and “at home” in your body.  You deserve to  be empowered, at peace and free in your relationship with food.

It’s your birthright and it’s totally possible to claim it and live it.

Do you feel a resonance with what I am sharing?

If you’d like to engage with me and the community of amazing women that I’m so blessed to work with here, here are a few of your options:

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