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Dear Sugar Mama,

Have you been feeling…

  • Tired, bloated and frustrated with your body?
  • Out-of-control with food or powerless to cravings?
  • Like you give so much to others, that your needs often don’t get met?
  • Belittled by negative self-talk and food guilt?

I want to assure you, you’re in the perfect place.  I have personally been where you are (for most of my life!), and I know how painful and exhausting it can be.  I also know that it’s possible for you to overcome these challenges and feel amazing in your body.

2007 was my emancipation year and I’ve never looked back.  I was sabotaging my life: my health, my relationships and my happiness were all in a downward spiral.  Luckily, I had a big health scare that woke me up and encouraged me to make some big changes to the way I was living.

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I got off the crazy sugar roller-coaster and committed to exploring ways to nourish myself with delicious healthy whole foods and lots of juicy self-care.  The benefits have been tremendous!  Sure I lost the extra weight and feel amazing in my body, but the biggest benefit is I got is truly loving myself and my life….and I want that for you too!

I am standing for your freedom.

You want to feel sexy, confident and “at home” in your body AND be empowered to make the most loving choices with food, and you CAN.  You deserve it.  It’s your birthright.

No matter how hard it’s been in the past, you can transform your relationship with food and finally love your body. Now is your time to shine.  If you are ready for a lasting breakthrough,  take this next step:


Schedule a “Body Love Breakthrough Session” (60-min. phone session), which is available to new clients for only $97 (save $100 for a limited time).

During your breakthrough session, we will:

1. Discuss your goals and vision your breakthroughs
2. Identify seen and unseen obstacles that have blocked your progress
3. Immediately go to work on disappearing the root cause of self-sabotage using techniques from the Transformational Coaching Method

When you leave your session, you’ll feel a sense of real optimism and you’ll have clarity about your most loving and powerful next step to continue on your path to food and body freedom.

If you’d like ongoing coaching and support, we can discuss your options at the end of your session.  If you resonate with the core Body Love values (radical self-love & guilt-free nourishment) and you’re ready for transformation, I would love to guide you on your path to success.

Are you ready for a food and body breakthrough?

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I look forward to connecting with you on the phone very soon!


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The “Sugar Mama”
Your Body Love Coach