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My Approach

Hi, I'm Richele Henry, Mastery-Level Certified Transformational Coach.

As a Trauma-Informed Coach, I help my clients develop greater resilience, nervous system regulation and self-acceptance in times of heightened stress.

My methodology integrates Transformational Coaching Method™, (rooted in ethical NLP), Somatic Experiencing™, a body based approach to trauma-healing and Human Design, a map to living correctly as one's unique self.

Since 2008, I have served as a Mentor and Business Coach for aspiring coaches and entrepreneurs with world renowned coaching schools such as The Institute for Integrative Nutrition, Health Coach Institute and Live Your Message.

For the past 15 years, it has been my tremendous honor to serve over 1,000 clients, clocking 10,000+ coaching hours, doing what I most loves to do - facilitating deeply healing experiences where people feel safe to be seen and heard.

As a Human Design Projector 4/6 with Emotional Authority, I am here to be a Guide and a Lighthouse, helping you discover the lessons in the most difficult moments, learn how to trust the wisdom of your body and live your life in alignment with your unique truth.

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My Approach
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