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Richele Henry

Trauma-Informed Coach

Healing happens through the body. Trauma-Informed coaching is designed to help you address unresolved traumas that live in the body, so you can feel safe moving through the world fully embodied as the most authentic and expressed version of your self.


Healing happens in the present. Going back and rehashing every detail of what happened in the past may re-rigger our trauma. Instead, by working with what is happening in the body in the now, we make space for expanding our nervous system's capacity to hold discomfort. With this work, a new future is possible, one that is unburdened by the past.


Healing is needed both individually and collectively. 
Imagine if more humans walked through the world feeling safe in their own bodies, allowing for less reactivity and more feelings of safety with others; especially others that do not share the same ancestry, identity, core values, etc. Instead of being terrified of or triggered by each other, our nervous systems would be more settled and we could have access to co-creating a more peaceful, loving and compassionate world.

Hi, I'm Richele. I have over 15 years of experience with coaching and embodiment work.

My areas of expertise and preferred techniques include Somatic Experiencing™, Ethical Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Human Design.

Unresolved trauma can have a significant impact on our emotional and physical well-being. It can prevent us from feeling fully safe in our bodies in the present.

Trauma isn’t what happened to us, but what happened inside us as a result of the event.  

It’s about how the body experienced and responded to what happened.

"Trauma originates in the nervous system, not in the event.”
- Peter Levine, Creator of Somatic Experiencing™


Contact Me

Please feel free to send me a message for any questions about speaking engagements, podcast appearances, workshops or other inquiries you may have surrounding my work.

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